Face Painting Designs For Kids–a Home Business that Pays Off

Face Painting Bunny Design

Face Painting Bunny Design

I discovered face painting designs for kids a few years back.  My six-year-old and her friend volunteered to be my guinea pigs.  I had never face painted before, but I having some painting skills, I was able to do a pretty decent job on their faces.

I actually had a ton of fun doing it, and like everything else that I discover and enjoy, I throw myself into it full force. I found myself scouring around for information on small face painting designs both online and in the bookstore. I was wondering, because it was so much fun, if face painting could actually be a good small home business to start.

I bought the face paints at Michael’s craft store where they only had two types of face paints to choose from. I bought the Snazaroo face painting kit that came with eight paints, a sponge, and a brush; a pretty basic kit but great for someone just starting out. When I went to Barnes & Noble to see what I could find in terms of face painting books, I couldn’t believe that they didn’t stock any books on small face painting designs, or how to face paint, or anything to do with face painting. So, I went back to the internet to learn more.

This led me to a great Face Painting Design Book. I purchased it, and downloaded it right away.

What I liked about it was that every part of the book is based on what face painters like you and me wanted to know. It’s not about being able to paint Picasso on someone’s face, is being able to paint what the kids like. It’s being able to paint the most popular cheek art designs for someone’s birthday party, a charity event or a school party.

Face Painting Butterfly Design

Face Painting Butterfly Design

I never really considered small face painting designs for kids to be a viable small home business, but apparently, it can be somewhat lucrative. Think of all the places that you might find face painters…craft shows, birthday parties, corporate events, fairs, fund-raising events, and more. In my research, I discovered that face painters can make anywhere between $50 and $150 an hour depending upon their experience, and/or venue. Just a side note–you don’t have to be a skilled painter to be a face painter. If you can follow directions and learn the techniques laid out for you in a reference guide, then you can learn face painting. Just know that it will take practice and patience.

So if you are looking to possibly start a small home business and are wondering if face painting could be an option for you, or if you are just looking to have some fun with your kids, check out “Easy Face Painting For Profit.” This Guide was by far the best one I could find online, AND it’s written by the same author of the face painting design book I mentioned above, “Easy Face Painting Tips”. After reviewing these two books, I know that I’ll be kept busy painting a lot of faces this summer!

Will I start a small face painting designs home business now that I’m armed with the designs and knowledge to start one? You never know! For now, I’ll keep painting my daughter’s face and the faces of neighborhood kids. However, you never know where a new skill can take you!

Do you want to learn how to make $100 an hour with your own face painting business? Click Here!

Want easy face painting designs for kids with easy to follow instructions that you can download right away? Download “Easy Face Painting Tips” now!

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  1. HGC says:

    That is really helpful. It presented me a number of ideas and I’ll be posting them on my web site soon. I’m bookmarking your blog and I’ll be back again. Thanks again!

  2. Natasha says:

    I am working with children, they loves face painting. This web side will be halpful for me, for learning how to do face paintig better. Thank you

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